Dakota Historical Society manages the hall.

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Henrietta Doorenwaard - Hall rental - 403-783-6211

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To Help with the upkeep and /or replacement cost of the Hall, Church , Chairs or Tables a Rental charge is charged as follows for the use of the hall :

A Donation will be the cost for use for - Active members of the Society.

$50  - a day  if not an active member of the society

$100 - a day for commercial use or non member. 

Attached Church so a small sit down supper for 30 or 40  people in beautiful rural setting  (Ideal for small inexpensive wedding ) (reunion)

Clean-up, pick-up & return of all items are the responsibility of the user or renter.

A Cleaning fee will be assessed if hall or church are not cleaned properly.

A replacement fee will be assessed for tables or chairs that are not returned or damaged. 

All rental functions are required to have the proper liquor licencing and permits.  Dakota Comuunity Hall, it's directors and members are not in anyway responsible for obtaining the permits or any repercussions that may arise from the consumption of alcohol.

Consider an indoor garage sale  -  it worked great for the Barkoff Family -  -  -  garage sale dakota_0042 (1711 x 1140)

 Mary - Hall rentrules for use of Dakota hallDakota Church - Inside

Church for Rent also  - for private functions !


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