Dakota Community Historical Society now has  3  BEAUTIFUL books for sale

Spring Sale -     Cookbooks and Memory Books  ! ! 

$6  for the cook book          $15 for Memories book    
  $40 for history book

:dakota_cookbook                   memoriesbook2sept13              Dakota_History_book 

        $100 for large book


These 3 books are all keepers     The Dakota Cookbook is a collection of favorite recipes of many of the families in the community.  It also has many recipes from an old cookbook produced in the early 1970's

The Memories Book is a collection of history and pictures of the Dakota United Church, Hall and community.  It is also a collection of memories of over 50 families in the area, where they live now and what both the church and community has meant to them over the years.   Fun reading that is sure to bring back a few memories for the reader also.

While making the Memories book one of the seniors in the community presented us with a beautiful old scrapbook that was made in 1961 by the ladies in the community   It has pictures and stories that date back to the early 1900's.  As a society we decided to restore the original which needed some binding repairs and make some duplicate copies for everyone to read and enjoy. The INDEX gives you only a small idea of all the great stories it holds.   The small artwork around many articles was  done by Donna Luce  and is priceless.  The personal handwriting in the book is fantastic - an art that is all but lost today.
Table of Contents reads :
Our Farm Unions   -   Dakota United Church   -   Dakota Ladies Aide   -   Dakota Recreation Centre   -   Dakota School District   -   Lundren School District   -   Fertile Forest School District   -   Bismark School District   -   Crestomere School   -   Sylvan Heights School   -   Battle River Hall & FerryBank Stampedes   -   Sports

The pictures are fantastic and many families are in the book that were not in the Crestomere History Book .  We have made many copies in the 11X8 size book and only a few of the large exact  17X11 1/2  size.  The original is going into the Ponoka Museum for safe keeping in their environmental vault and one of the large copies left on display in the museum.  Other large copies will be on display at our coffee mornings at the Dakota Hall and also at the Ponoka Library. 

If you would like a copy of any of these books please contact  Gail Bresee at   403-783-2353  or any of the other executive members.  


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