Dakota Cemetery-Residents



 Co - Presidents of the Dakota Cemetery  are   - 

Darryl  Bresee       (403)783-2353  and
 Frank Cissell        (403)783-2538
 Secretary - Treasurer  -  Judy Jones    


 Trustees of the cemetery are -  Chad Cissell     
                                                       Scott Bresee     
                                                       Mark Miller    



 Below are the names of the residents at rest in the Dakota Cemetery and the date  of interment.  
 If you have questions, information  or need further information about anyone listed below please
call any of the executive and they will let you know if they have any more information.
The original list is with Judy Jones if you would like to check any spelling or information.

 cemetery name list 1

cemetery name list
Additions added after  Dec. 5/2014

Above should read  Isabella "Iza" Allen  2010
2011   Katie Hvamb
2012   Emma Lottie Olmstead
   ?      Audrey (Hoar) Greer 
2014   Mrytle Eldora Graham
2015   Alice McTavish
2015   Ignace Frank Frey
2016   Lawrence McClaflin
2016   Norman Dwight Friestad
           John Moller
            Loretta Irene Moller


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