Dakota Community believes that culture and art are keys to building a vibrant community, diverse yet interconnected. Our events nurture community pride and connect people to one another, in an inclusive and cooperative spirit that transcends differences in language, generation, background and opinion.

Studies have shown that community arts and culture directly contribute to enhanced quality of life, increased civic involvement, safer neighborhoods, and greater economic prosperity. By becoming a supporter of Dakota Community, you will help make a positive difference in sustaining our communities for today, and looking ahead to ensure they remain vibrant for tomorrow.

Make a donation to Dakota Community Historical Society!


Or if you don't want to make a cash donation maybe you have some of the following you would like to donate :

-  Canadian Tire Money  -  collecting it to use to buy paper and cleaning supplies 

- Volunteer Hours  -  small renovations are planned for the hall and the church basement in the near future and if you are able to give of your time to make some modifications and updating happen - we would love your help !

- Toilet paper and Paper Towels are always needed

-  Items to give away in our Coffee Morning baskets !

- a male mannequin for the church to wear a wedding suit from the 1947's 

- If you are able to help with any of the above items please contact me  -  Gail  Bresee or Stephanie Kluin to arrange for pick - up or delivery to the hall.



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