The Dakota Community Historical Society shares a vision of strengthening the spirit of community in the Dakota area through cultural celebration.  We promote community participation in culture and arts by providing interactive and accessible community programming.  We endeavor to produce events, rituals, and traditions that promote a healthy and vibrant neighborhood.

We strive to:

* Create artistically innovative, culturally inclusive and environmentally sensitive community events and experiences.

* Encourage creative collaborations and build fellowship among diverse individuals and cultures.

* Foster the fertile ground necessary to create and enhance community vitality.

* Provide economic opportunities for community members, artists and businesses.

Board of Directors

President -  Henrietta Doornewaard - 403-783-6211

Vice President -  Gail  Bresee - 403-783-2353

Treasurer - Stephanie Kluin - 403-783-6317

Secretary - Mary Leighton 403-783-5652

Director - Andree' Verhoog - -587-797-1505

Director - Tyrrena Kluin  - 403-704-5626

Director - Sherry Goertzen MacKay - 403-783-5883

  Next  annual General Meeting  -  March /2015


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