The Dakota United Church has been a very important site in the Dakota Community since as early as 1905.

Holding services there ever since it was built.  The decision to close the doors has prompted the need for a Historical Society to insure the on going needs of the site will be met.  The site has been declared a Municipal Historic Site ( the church side not the hall ) in the year 2011.  The Dakota Community Historical Society was formed that same year to continue with community functions in the hall and oversee the care of the Municipal Site..   

The very first settlers who came to this country as early as 1903 were from South Dakota, U.S.A.

They worked hard on their farms and established this church to provide a place where they could worship together, strengthen friendships and build community spirit.

The outside walls of the sanctuary of the church were built with some very unique and special man made blocks.  These blocks were made each one individually under the direction of the minister there at that time with the members providing the labour.  The front foyer was built in 1931 to provide a room for members to meet and greet before and after services.  The hall then built on the north side of the building in the early 1980's to provide a place for the whole community to gather.

A new metal roof was put on the church and hall in 2009 to ensure the longevity of the building.  The original cedar shingles were put on the church by the young women of the community as the men worked on the main building.

Asphalt shingles were on the roof when the present metal roof was installed.

The beautiful original gothic style windows to this day provide a wonderful rich lighting to the interior of the building.

There are a number of items within the walls of the church that have historical significance.

(Bibles, banners, organ, pews, original bench used outside to hold service before church was built, pews, hymn books, pulpit, man made cross, donated pictures, plaques etc. )

Things that make this historical site special :

- man made cement block exterior

-original gothic style windows

-old basement entry stairwell at back of bldg. ( from coal furnace days )

- original entry doors on the entry into the sanctuary

- cement engraved monument on the face of the foyer

- original hardwood floor

- red brick chimney

- full cement basement under bldg.

- man made pulpit and communion - baptism table.

Although most of these items are of no real monitory value they do hold historic value to the community

                      Very early pictures may be viewed in the Photo Gallery section ! 

If you have any old antique items that you would like to donate to the church for safe keeping and for others to see just contact  -  Gail Bresee at 403-783-2353     

 Dakota Church - Inside



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