The Dakota Community Historical Society made a presentation to the COUNTY OF PONOKA for funds to help financially to bring running water into the hall area and we are happy to say they approved our request and funds are now available for this project. 

FCC AG SPIRIT GRANT has also come through and we are ready to make improvements on the hall  - 
                     It has only been started but slowly we are getting running water and bathroom facilities in the hall 



A special thank-you to everyone who donated time to get the water to the hall in Sept.  Over the winter plans are to get all the plumbing done and water in full use !  If you see someone working there stop in and see say HELLO

A very special  Thank-you to the  Cissell Families for letting us use their existing well to get water  !

Also a special  Thank-you to   Gerry and Arlene Hoar for the use of the backhoe and for the operator to get the sewer in the ground and the water to the hall  -  both operator and machine donated by them to get this projerct done

There is now a nice sign up the Dakota Road at hwy . 53   -  Telling everyone where the Dakota Community Hall , Historical Church and Cemetary are   -  we all need to Thank -  Mark Miller for the donation of this very nice sign ! 

Gerry Hoar for his many hours of backhoe work  to get the water in.  

Darryl Bresee, Alan Leighton, Henke Barkoff, Ray Winslow, Arnold Kluin and their wives plus Verna McDowell  - they all  worked hard to get the new laminate flooring in the hall.  

Wenda and Richard Tiessen
for their donation of  $300

Tracy Lamb who donated all the plates, glasses, napkins etc. from her wedding

Krista Brower who donated 9 bags of bottles and is collecting more from her neighbors and friends.  

Kari Fry ( Allison) who donated to very needed small coffee makers, 2 hot plates, plastic cake containers and other items for the Spring Garage Sale. 


                    Valentine basket (1711 x 1140)small                                                 Hall at Valentines


 If I missed anyone please let me know so I can add them on  -  I didn't miss anyone intentionally !

Table Clothes at Dakota Hall


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